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Wellness is a discord bot that helps calm you down and relieve stress.

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Why add Wellness?


Request cats, dogs, foxes, donuts and more, and easily send them to other members of the server. Don't want these features enabled? Adjust them in settings.


Don't forget to breathe deeply. Set reminders to take breaks and do quick breathing exercises to help de-stress at anytime, anywhere.


Add the bot and you're up and running. If you need to customize anything, settings are one command away. Wellness does not have a paywall or any features locked away. The ability to relieve stress and to have fun is a right that should be accessible by anyone.

Wellness and this website are developed by Cloud.

Wellness gets media from many sources, including NASA, Genius, Rebrand.ly, Wikimedia, Pexels, Pixabay, Chewey bot, and more.