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Wellness is a discord bot that aims to help improve moods by serving images and providing various exercises.

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PSA: Servers that added Wellness may need to add the Manage Messages permission, otherwise Wellness will operate in a reduced state. More info here.

What's Wellness?

Wellness is a lightweight discord bot that aims to help improve moods by serving positive images and distractions, by providing various exercises, and by making Discord more convenient to use. You'll find a complete list of the commands and features on the commands page here. Feedback can easily be given to improve the bot via the feedback command.

What Else Does Wellness Do?

Wellness handles not only commands, but automations - small tasks that make your life easier. Wellness can fix non-hyperlinked URLs and check if URLs are safe, with more automations coming soon. Have an idea for an automation? Just submit feedback.

Why Wellness?

Wellness is beautifully designed with people in mind, and it will never send a message without user interaction. When needed, it serves images, exercises, and information in a clean, well-designed panel interface that won't look out of place. Automations stay minimized in a non-distracting way unless summoned.

Where Does Wellness Get Media?

Cat and dog pictures are currently served via TheCatAPI (Link) and TheDogAPI (Link). NASA APOD pictures are served via the NASA API(Link). Genius lyrics are served via the Some Random API(Link). Audio served is royalty free, from Filmstro (Link). Wikipedia entries are served via the Wikimedia API (Link). The database Wellness checks for safe sites is maintained by Google (Link).

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