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Wellness is a discord bot that aims to serve content and make Discord more convenient to use.

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Why add Wellness?


Request cats, dogs, foxes, donuts and more, and easily send them to other members of the server. Use @someone to randomly mention any member. Don't want these features enabled? Adjust them in settings.


Wellness has a number of convenient features built in - shorten URLs, search Wikipedia, get lyrics for the song you're listening to on Spotify right now (as long as your Spotify connection to Discord is on and visible) or any song you search for, and more.


Wellness hooks into the Google Safebrowse database in order to screen any URLs sent in chat. If anything is labelled as malware or unsafe, you'll get a reaction and an explanation of why, if you click on that reaction. If you don't want this function on, simply disable it in the bot settings.


All you need to do to get started customizing Wellness is to run the settings command. Wellness walks you through adjustments, shows examples for how to use commands, and makes the process as easy as possible.

Wellness and this website are developed by Cloud.

Wellness gets media from many sources, including the NASA API, the Genius API, the Rebrand.ly API, the Wikimedia API, the Pexels API, the Chewey bot API, and more.