Thank you for adding Wellness!

When you add the bot, Wellness will ask you to create a role with permissions, so that the bot can operate properly. This page is an overview of what will be asked and explains why every permission is needed.

Required Permissions

Read & Send Messages

This should be fairly obvious - Wellness needs to be able to read commands and send them back at users.

Embed Links

Wellness needs to embed picture links in order to display cat and dog images. Without this ability, cat and dog image commands won't work properly.

Attach Files

Wellness needs to attach audio files in order to send responses to the audio command. Without this ability, the audio command won't work properly.

Recommended Permissions

Manage Messages

Wellness automatically removes the user's command message when it executes a command (for example, it removes the ".cat" or ".dog" messages to clean up the chat). It's recommended to have this permission enabled, but not necessary.

All Done?

When you're ready, click the Add button to be transferred to Discord to finish adding the bot.

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