V1.35 (Latest):
- Wellness will no longer delete commands automatically.
- The lyrics command now shows a loading message while waiting for results.
- Some behind-the-scenes code cleanup to improve Wellness efficiency.
- The cooldown message now actually indicates when your cooldown ends by deleting itself.

- Added the bird command to Wellness.
- If @someone is enabled on a server, using @someone after any image command will now send it to a random member.
- Image sending now also shows the member's nickname in parentheses.

- Fixed a bug where Wellness would delete @everyone and @here mentions.
- Fixed a bug where Wellness would incorrectly respond to translation queries.
- Fixed some behind-the-scenes logs to account for the new prefix system.
- Removed the health alert system for causing a lot of bloat in the code.
- Reworked the UI of the lyrics command to work again for mobile users.

- The prefix for Wellness can now be changed on a server-by-server basis via settings.
- Wellness now responds if you mention it, in case you forget the prefix.
- Changed the presence message to be more accurate.
- Some slight UI changes in the lyrics and help commands.

- Added Wellness Health Alerts. If you'd prefer, these can be disabled via settings.
- Fixed a glitch where Wellness would crash on certain DMs.
- Behind-the-scenes code slimming and improvements.

- Removed the URL shortening automation. You can still shorten URLs with the shorten command.
- The safety URL automation has been renamed to URL Safenet, but the function is the same.
- Settings menu changes in order to reflect URL Safenet.
- Efficiency improvements and some bug fixes.

- Fixed a bug where Wellness would crash if the settings command was run in DMs.
- Added a disclaimer notice regarding how to disable DMs to DMs.
- Added the cake, donut and support commands.
- Minor UI changes to the meme command.

- The memes source has been changed to a much more friendly source.
- Because there are no NSFW commands, the NSFW setting has been removed.
- Fixed various bugs regarding the typing indicators.
- Removed the (fairly annoying and glitchy) URL fixing automation.

- Fixed a glitch where Wellness would crash on certain commands.
- Added typing indicators to indicate Wellness is processing.
- Added the info command.
- Stability and bug fixes.

- Fixed a glitch where Wellness would crash if certain URLs were sent.
- Added the @someone feature, but it's disabled by default. To enable, visit settings.
- Some styling and word changes.
- Slight changes to reminders timing.

- Fixed a glitch where Wellness would fix a URL the wrong way.
- Some slight wording and style changes.
- Major reworking of the wiki command to be much more useful and stylish.
- Added the reminders feature.

- Fixed a glitch where Wellness did not, in fact, fix URLS correctly.
- Fixed a glitch where Wellness would shorten the incorrect URL. Sorry!
- Autonomous features are now enabled silently by default, but can be set to react if needed.
- Some background changes to settings (no data lost).

- Removed some unnecessary titles from embeds to slim down messages.
- Autonomous features now debug correctly, so glitches can be fixed.
- The notice that appears when sending other people images now auto-deletes.
- Some background changes to settings (no data lost).

- Autonomous features now have a "silent" mode, in which Wellness will respond to reactions but won't react itself.
- Autonomous features now support multiple URLs at once, instead of just one.
- New autonomous feature: automatic URL shortening has been added.
- You can now shorten URLs with a command as well. See commands for more info.
- Some slight text and UI adjustments.

- Enhancements to Wellness were made behind the scenes to allow for the bot's performance to be more easily measured.
- Wellness now logs crash reports again so that problems can be found more easily.
- Fixed a glitch where the APOD command would not display videos.
- Users wishing to DM others images can now search for other users by nickname as well as username.

- Users wishing to DM others images now only have to enter part of their username instead of exactly as it appears.
- DMs from Wellness can now be disabled if you prefer not to receive messages from the bot privately.
- Fixed a glitch where the APOD command caused Wellness to crash.
- Minor changes to the timing of when certain embeds would autodelete.

- Lots of behind-the-scenes work restructuring how Wellness responds to commands and efficiency improvements to reduce resource usage.
- Cat, dog, and meme commands can now also DM other server members pictures in addition to simple images. See commands for more info.
- The APOD command no longer supports getting dates other than today. See commands for more info.
- Design language has been streamlined to make Wellness more friendly and consistent in responses.

- Fixed a bug where Wellness would crash whenever commands were sent in DMs.
- Added an alias so that Wellness now also responds to .commands in addition to .help.
- The about command now displays a paragraph instead of a website link.

- Added the settings command.
- Added an automatic temperature conversion.
- Autonomous features can now be disabled.
- NSFW commands can now be disabled.

- Added the meme command.
- Fixed a bug where Wellness could incorrectly accept a wrongly-formatted language code.
- Updates now change the bot's status to better announce updates.

- Fixed a bug where the URL Fix automation would accidentally trigger on emails.
- Fixed a crash bug where Wellness could incorrectly respond to the music command.
- Added the translate command.

- Readded the now working music command, now hooks into Spotify API.
- Added the second autonomous feature: URL fixing.
- Added the wiki command.

- Removed .music command.
- Added the first autonomous feature: URL safety.
- Increased Wellness' efficiency with the Discord API.
- Fixed a bug regarding message deletion.

- Changed audio command to no longer sends audio files.
- Renamed .audio command to .music command.
- Slimmed down Wellness's interactions with Discord API.
- Added a link to vote to support Wellness!
- Slightly edited the lyrics command to be slimmer.

- Added the lyrics feature, source: Genius.
- Fixed a bug regarding Wellness not managing messages correctly.
- Fixed spelling errors around Wellness.
- Moved the changelog to the website due to lack of space on Discord.
- Removed user request strings, to make the bot more private.

- Added the apod feature, source: NASA API.
- Fixed an issue where Wellness would crash when certain permissions were removed.

- Adjusted parameters to point Wellness towards the new Wellness website.
- Decluttered the about and help commands due to that information being present on the website.
- Fixed a permissions issue regarding message deletion.

- Moved a lot of behind the scenes things around to make Wellness faster.
- Added some debugging to help improve Wellness more easily.
- Fixed a bug where Wellness would error out while deleting messages.

- Added the breathe feature.
- Removed autoremoval, so images now stay permanently!

- Fixed a bug regarding the feedback command.
- Reduced cooldowns back to 10 seconds.

- Streamlined message embeds.
- Added the feedback feature.
- Experimentally raised the cooldown to 15 seconds.
- Lightened the code to speed image processing considerably.
- Changed some wording in some parts of the bot.

- Added the audio listening feature.
- Shortened the 'saving space' message to (ironically) save space.
- Changed image sources to TheDogAPI and TheCatAPI.
- Increased the cooldown time to 10 seconds from 5.
- Improved behind-the-scenes code comments.

- Extended the auto-removal timer to 15 minutes.
- Doubled the size of the picture database for both cats and dogs.
- Fixed a bug where logs wouldn't be recorded for some commands.
- Fixed a bug where logs would sometimes error out.

- Fixed some spelling.
- Removed pcat/pdog features.
- Extended the timer for auto-removal to 5 minutes.
- Added auto-removal placeholder.
- Modified changelog and help commands so that they now DM.

- Changed image sources to in-house database.
- Decreased response time.
- Added new changelog feature.

- Wellness began operating on Sunday, November 10th, 2019.";