Click on any category of commands to expand it. Commands with something quoted behind them (ex: .cat 'name') have arguments. Some quoted items/arguments are optional, while others are required.

If there is a bug with a command not working in any circumstance, please email [email protected] or contact me on Discord (if you have my information).

The bot's default prefix is a period, but servers can change their prefix. If you don't remember what the prefix is, simply mention the bot.


Wellness will post the link to this help page.


Wellness displays information about the mentioned user, including pfp and ID.


If settings are changed from defaults, Wellness stores user and guild IDs to save them. Use the reset command to remove all data on a certain user or guild from Wellness. This will also reset your settings.


Wellness can be customized per individual accounts and per server using this command.

Although anyone on the server can use the settings command to view and edit the bot's personal settings, only moderators with the Manage Server permission can edit server settings. For more information on settings, click here.

apod 'full'

Optional: 'full' allows Wellness to display the full description of the image, in addition to the image.

Interested in Astronomy? Wellness hooks into the NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day (or APOD for short). Run the command and you'll get today's picture from it.

lyrics 'term here'

Wellness hooks into Genius to provide a quick direct link to your lyrics with just a quick search from Discord.

shorten 'url'

Wellness allows you to shorten URLs quickly and easily with a command to appear nicer and allow easier typing.

translate 'language code' 'term/sentence here'

Wellness can now translate throughout over 80 different languages. Just make sure you know the two digit language code of the one you wish to translate to!

wiki 'search term'

Wellness allows you to quickly search Wikipedia with the wiki command, returning a short summary and a quick link to get more information.

Optional: 'name' allows you to specify a user to send the image to instead.
If @someone functionality is enabled on the server, you can also send a random member the image by using '@someone' instead of 'name' (without the quotes)

bird 'name'

Wellness will post a bird picture to the chat, if that's your fancy more than dogs or cats.


Want something more relaxing? Slow your breathing to the timing of Wellness's breathe exercise.

cake 'name'

Wellness will post a cake picture because food and desserts are amazing and makes your mouth water just looking at all of the beautiful cakes.

cat 'name'

Wellness will post a random cat picture to the chat, to deliver an extraordinary double shot of cuteness and brighten up your day.

dog 'name'

Cats aren't your thing? Dogs are also an option. Wellness will deliver a random dog picture to the chat to brighten up your day that way instead.

doughnut 'name'

Who doesn't love donuts? Luckily Wellness offers the option of delivering donut pictures. Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds.