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Wellness is a discord bot that aims to help improve moods by serving content, providing exercises, and making Discord more convenient to use.

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Wellness Serves A Purpose

Wellness is a discord bot that helps improve moods by serving positive content, providing calming exercises, and by making Discord more convenient and easy to use. Take a deep breath and calm yourself with breathing exercises, cheer yourself up with cat or dog pictures, and be safe online with the URL safety automation - Wellness works with you to help ease your frustration. Learn more about what Wellness does on the commands page.

You're In Control

Want to go a step further and disable Wellness from direct messaging you? Don't like Wellness to run autonomous features? Want to disable any NSFW commands? Wellness has customizable settings per server for server admins, and personal settings for each user. It's all easy to change with just the settings command.

Why Wellness?

Wellness is beautifully designed with people in mind, and it will never send a message without user interaction. When summoned, it serves images, exercises, and information in a clean, well-designed panel interface that won't look out of place. Autonomous features stay minimized in reactions only unless specifically clicked. It's purposefully designed to be as invisible as possible, unless needed.

Where Does Wellness Get Media?

Cat and dog pictures are currently served via TheCatAPI (Link) and TheDogAPI (Link). NASA APOD pictures are served via the NASA API(Link). Genius lyrics are served via the Some Random API(Link). Wikipedia entries are served via the Wikimedia API (Link). The database Wellness checks for safe sites is maintained by Google (Link).

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