Prefer Wellnes to take a more proactive stance? Maybe you're fine with URL Safenet off. Or you really want to enable (or disable) @someone? Don't worry, you don't have to disable Wellness access to a channel. All you have to do is change a setting with one command, and customize Wellness to your liking.

There are two types of settings, and they are both accessed using the settings command. Server settings marked with an [S] can only be changed if you have the Manage Server permission. Personal settings marked with a [P] can be changed individually by the user at any time.

Settings Available

[S] Prefix

The default prefix for Wellness is a period. However, this may cause some conflict on servers where other bots also respond to the same prefix. If you run into a situation where switching to another prefix may make it easier to use Wellness, you can change Wellness's prefix easily server-wide. Please note that new prefixes must have no spaces anywhere in them.

[S] Health Alerts

Wellness has two types of health alerts - suicide alerts and stress alerts. The former is taken more seriously and Wellness immediately pops up with an alert message, while stress alerts are met with a reaction that the user can click on to see some suggestions to de-stress. By default this functionality is disabled because it can be annoying, but if you prioritize the mental health of your users, you may wish to enable it, just in case.

[S] URL Safenet

Wellness attempts to check all clickable links sent in chat against the Google Safe Browse database, to make sure they are safe to visit. When it finds an unsafe link, Wellness reacts to it with a red circle, which will expand into a notice of why the site was flagged. By default this is enabled, but if the service isn't working correctly or is annoying, you can disable it easily.

[S] @Someone

Wellness has a built-in feature to mention a random user if someone types '@someone' into chat. This is purely a fun feature and has no productivity purpose. By default it is disabled to prevent abuse, but if you wish to enable the functionality, you can do so easily.

[P] Direct Messages

Wellness allows users to send each other cat, dog, and food pictures as well as memes. However, not everyone enjoys these DMs and some users may find it annoying. If that's the case, don't worry - blocking the bot isn't necessary. Direct Message Delivery can be disabled easily in settings, without stopping you from using the bot in servers as usual.